HHS Presents Big Fish

Alora Koutnik, Editor

During the week of April 26th, Hillcrest High School performed the musical, Big Fish. The musical was filled with fun songs and fantastical characters, all of which came together to create a wonderful show. The storyline offered a deep and emotional tale of William Bloom’s father, Edward Bloom. Edward was notorious for stretching the truth which resulted in extravagant stories of his life that may or may not be true. He told of meeting a mermaid, a giant, and a witch, which were all portrayed incredibly. The giant was even on stilts to bring the magic to life. 

Throughout the show, an abundance of moving, colorful lights and smoke filled the stage to offer an incredible show. The music was performed by the Hillcrest Orchestra to accompany the beautiful voices of the cast. Each song brought goosebumps and allowed you to transport your mind to the world of Big Fish. This show also allowed the audience to participate, which worked extremely well. When first walking into the auditorium, ushers handed out daffodils to be held until the end of Act I. When the time came, Edward Bloom proposed to Sandra Bloom, and this is when the audience members held up their daffodils to create a field of flowers. This was such a genius idea among the crew. Another incredible set design was when Edward Bloom was shot out of a canon. They had a cannon on stage and when the time came, confetti shot out from the stage, following confetti by the house left stage boom in the upper left corner of the auditorium. Overall, the show was a huge success among the cast and crew, as they offered a wonderful, engaging show for all.