New Battle Royale Dominating the Market

Robert Smith, Staff Writer

The new battle royale game called “The Finals” is taking over and leaving the rest in the dust. This game has an arcade- like first person shooter aspect like the “Call of Duty: Black Ops” franchise. The weapons are also very similar to “Call of Duty” weapons, however, the difference with this is that you can pick up power ups that change the battlefield and everything can be broken. This means you can breach through walls and flank the enemy or blow up the crane they are in to completely wipe them out. I personally have not been able to get into the beta but am on the waiting list and excited to play. I have played every battle royale you can think of and followed the idea of destructible battlefields for a while with games like the “Battlefield” franchise that touches on this with small amounts of the world being able to be destroyed. The feedback on the games has also been tremendous as every streamer and Youtuber I’ve seen play it has loved the game. The feedback from the entire community has been insane and another bonus is the game will be free to play upon launch. For those who don’t know, an arcade First Person Shooter (FPS) means it is not as strict and has unrealistic movement and weapons. This means that there are weapons that have an extremely fast fire rate, such as snipers that are able to kill someone from hitting a foot. The movement in the game is also free and has things like sliding and wall running. Overall, the game looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next.