Sony’s New ANC Headphones Worth the Steep Price


Photo from Amazon

Justin Wixom, Staff Writer

The Sony WF-1000XM4’s are a stunning pair of headphones with a variety of features that deliver crisp sound and a long lasting battery life, A true rival to the airpods pro. The XM’4s most noticeable feature to me is their Active Noise Cancellation or also known as ANC. This Noise Cancellation adapts to the noises around you allowing you to make sure you can still hear but blocks any sudden loud noises like a bell ringing or a pop. The earbuds are able to do this using 4 microphones one on the inside and one on the outside of each one. Another feature is the Speak-To-Chat feature which will automatically lower your volume and enable Ambient Sound Mode (Comparative to The airpods “Transparency Mode”) whenever you speak. The only downside to this is that while speaking it only mutes your audio but doesn’t pause it.

With these earbuds Sony introduced their new ear tips made of their own Memory Foam tips which allows for a more snug fit compared to the standard silicon. These earbuds come with 6mm drivers and Sony technology which produce quality results on all low, medium, and high spectrums. Mixed with this the earbuds are paired with the Sony Headphones Connect app which comes with an equalizer, allowing you to choose what elements of a song or a video you may want to focus on. These earbuds come with a IPX4 resistance rating making them sweat and splash resistant. On that note I would not use these in a more active environment such as working out or an active job. Overall these earbuds provide a great experience but they will be so much better. The calling experience on these headphones are very poor causing everything you say to sound muffled and scratchy, despite picking up a lot of the noise around you. Not to mention I would not recommend wearing the earbuds for an extended period of time. The memory foam tips do want to expand and apply pressure that builds up over time.

If you looking for quality headphones and you’ve got some money to spend these would be it with an expensive but worthy price of 249.99