A Night of Queen in Idaho Falls

Alora Koutnik, Editor

On March 9, 2023, Gary Mullen dominated the Civic Auditorium by bringing the legendary Freddie Mercury to life. His flamboyant persona on stage and almost identical vocals truly brought Queen’s lead singer to the stage. The entire night, Mullen addressed the audience as Freddie would when he was alive back in his touring days; he also allowed the audience to be a part of the show by replicating Freddie’s famous Aye Ohs, as well as making the show fun by presenting Freddie’s energetic stage presence all throughout. Not only did Mullen create a spectacular show as Freddie, but the other bandmates replicated the music of Queen to a tee. The guitarist, who was Scottish, absolutely nailed Brian May’s famous guitar solos while also adding a little bit of his own spice. The drummer did a fantastic job at recreating Roger Taylor’s iconic drum sound which brought everything together. In addition to the amazing music which got people out of their seats, the perpetual light show added the final touch to the spectacular show. During Bohemian Rhapsody, a light show synched to the operatic section of the song, which was personally one of my favorite parts. 

The amount of energy and pizazz that Gary Mullen exhibited on stage to bring Freddie to life resulted in one of the most magical concerts I have ever attended. The talented musicians that played the roles of Brian May, Roger Taylor, and bassist John Deacon exceptionally performed Queen with some of the most iconic songs and a few that only true Queen fans would recognize. Every aspect of the theatrical rock show made for an awesome night of Queen.