The Behaviors of Young People


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Disrespectful Behaviour in Teens

Julia Sanchez Aguilo, Staff Writer

The behaviors of adolescents today can be confusing and frustrating for adults. But in reality, most of these behaviors happen for a reason. Many of these behaviors are signs that youth are growing up. Some of the behaviors become a bit worrying, since they can even cause more serious consequences in the long term. The stage of adolescence is quite hard for some people, since during this period you go through intense physical, emotional and mental changes. Some young people, when they feel like they’re in situations that they can’t control, tend to fall towards alcohol or tobacco and drugs. It is quite dangerous, since today teenagers see this as something normal, and it is becoming easier to achieve it. Upon reaching the stage of adolescence, youth are no longer as dependent and capricious as when they were children; this makes them out of the control of adults. Parents act as guides in the actions of adolescents without even realizing what they themselves are doing. It depends on how the parents educate the children, they develop in one way or another. The trust encourages children to participate in setting expectations and establishing family rules. There are some adolescents that reach the point of needing professional help outside of their home because of how serious their problems are, despite their parents’ best efforts. Most adolescents tend to act before thinking, and this makes the consequences of their actions worse each time. This is so much so that discomfort is usually unconscious, that is, they do not know what and why it happens to them. The only thing they know is that they urgently need to get this discomfort off their backs and the quickest way they find to do it is to put it on another.