A Recent Addition to The Final Fantasy Franchise: FFXVI


Photo Courtesy: IGN

Final Fantasy XVI

Zane Steinmetz, Staff Writer

Final Fantasy 16 is the newest addition to the Final Fantasy franchise and will get a lot of hype from people who love this game series. According to the creators of the game,  “Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold,” meaning that it is going to be really well done. It is the next mainline game that is coming out and they did say what would happen. The first 6 months that the game is out, it will be exclusive to PS5, then after it will probably go to all the devices that can handle it. I’ve been a Final Fantasy lover since I was born because of my father playing Final Fantasy 14 with me way back. The developers are also very helpful in announcing the game, informing people of what is happening and saying how it was in the “final stages” of “development,” 1 month after telling us when the game would be released. Square Enix promises that the PS5 DualSense controller will help you actually feel the wind in Final Fantasy XVI. So all the expectations are most likely going to be met because of how much the developers of Final Fantasy usually make their games better than the last. The story of Final Fantasy is going to be hopefully as intense, contains more twists in the story, and is as in depth as all the other big games that they have made, like Final Fantasy 15 and the remake of Final Fantasy 7.