“Wakanda Forever” a Marvel Must-Watch

Emory May, Staff Writer

After Marvel’s first sensation Black Panther, it must have been very difficult to come up with a second storyline. This makes perfect sense why it came out four years later. During “Captain America: Civil War,” when Chadwick Boseman’s character, Black Panther, was first introduced into the marvel cinematic universe, people around the world have loved his character ever since. When Chadwick Boseman got to star in his own movie as Black Panther, the world fell in love with the country of Wakanda and the people who lived there. Two years after the release of Black Panther, the world mourned at the passing of Chadwick Boseman, thinking that it would be the end of Black Panthers’ storyline. However they were wrong.

A month ago, Marvel released its new movie titled, “Wakanda Forever.” With everyone questioning how they were going to incorporate the passing of Chadwick, Marvel perfectly exploited the passing of a main character such as his. Many critics believe that the new movie paled in comparison to the first one because handling the death of an actor who plays a main character is challenging. In my personal opinion I think that they did an excellent job at handling his death in the movie. Others who are not critics also think that it is a very good movie, and one source even stated that “Wakanda Forever” was the most powerful phase four marvel movie. In my opinion, this movie perfectly demonstrates the grieving and loss for Chadwick. In addition, it also has an amazing storyline and a villain that is almost mythical. I would highly recommend watching this movie if you are a Marvel fan despite what other people might have said about it.