Metallica Releases New Album, 72 Seasons


Photo Courtesy: KillYourStereo

Metallica Releases 72 Seasons

Alora Koutnik, Editor

April 14, 2023, marked the release of the long-awaited album, 72 Seasons,  by none other than Metallica. After their first single dropped, Lux Aeterna, everyone was anticipating what the rest of the album would include. Metallica slowly released each song before allowing the entirety of the album to be streamed on a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and YouTube Music. 72 Seasons consists of twelve songs, each of which are high energy with catchy lyrics. Each track has a similar sound to it, but includes a distinctive riff about half way through. Each of those riffs has a satisfying chord progression that makes each song even better. Each track also features Lars banging on the snare nonstop it seems and Kirk slamming on the whammy and wah. Unfortunately, these great songs were accompanied by disappointing videos. Over the course of three months, Metallica released a song from 72 Seasons in YoutubeShorts format that previewed the music video. Some videos were absolutely amazing, such as Shadows Follow, which showed the band as well drawn anime styled characters, but most of these videos were terrible. The music video for Crown of Barbed Wire featured a storyline about a serial killer murdering an innocent mother and baby, and shows the band assisting the serial killer throughout. The music video for Too Far Gone? was a repetitive pan of the band as crappy AI generated images it seemed, and really threw off the song. Aside from the poorly made videos, the album has been a hit amongst the old and new Metallica fans. However, this album is a mix of lengthy songs and lots of snare, overall leading to mixed reviews. The album has been played multiple times since its release on the local radio station, Kbear 101, and will continue to shine as Metallica makes their way across the world for their tour, M72.