How the World Juniors Went Down


Courtesy of Team USA Hockey

U.S Wins Bronze at World Juniors

Robert Smith, Staff Writer

The World Junior this year went not as expected, as the US lost their chance at gold after being beat by Canada in the semi-finals. They did, however, still manage to get bronze by  beating Sweden 8-7 in overtime. The World Juniors, for those who don’t know, is the under 20, country wide hockey battle. It ended with team US and Canada in the finals; most years were changed due to the U.S facing off in the semis. Team Canada, winning once again, was tougher than expected this year; the score was 3-2 with Canada squeaking by in overtime against The Czech. Overall, the World Juniors are always fun to watch and have NHL rookies or Elite upcoming NHL rookies facing off. This fast level of hockey from younger people, as well as the stricter and more competitive edge of hockey during this competition always make it a good one. 

Luke Hughes is the most talked about name in the US, as his older brother plays for the New Jersey Devils. He played well throughout the tournament and is playing for the New Jersey Devils lower division team as of right now.He is expected to be moved up next year. All in all, the level of play and fight, not only for their country, but to be scouted to the next level is what makes this a good and fun thing to watch.