The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – What We Know So Far


Courtesy of IGN

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Art Work

Skylar Galbraith, Staff Writer

Nintendo’s radically popular Breath of the Wild from 2017 was revolutionary in the Zelda universe, and fans are expecting nothing less from the upcoming sequel, which is planned to release in May of this year. After Breath of the Wild’s profound impact of restoring the three separate timelines into one, both long and short term fans of the franchise are anxiously awaiting the game’s release to find out if the timeline will remain fused into a continuous flow or branch out into multiple distinct timelines again. In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, (the prequel to Breath of the Wild that takes place 100 years prior), a significant amount of time travel is involved. This leads to the player being able to experience the events that lead up to the destruction that happened right before the main story of Breath of the Wild

In the final cut scene of Breath of the Wild, the land of Hyrule has seemingly been restored to peace, yet Zelda mentions that the Divine Beast, Vah Ruta, appears to have stopped functioning properly. She encourages Link to accompany her on her quest to investigate the situation. Many fans were disappointed by this cliffhanger, as they were curious to discover what had caused the Divine Beast to stop working. It is likely that the game’s sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, will pick up from this point and continue to show the process of restoring Hyrule to its former glory. 

One of the most fascinating things apparent in Tears of the Kingdom’s previews released by Nintendo is that Link appears to have obtained some form of magical green energy that occupies one of his arms and appears to assist him throughout his journey. In addition to this mysterious green energy, Link is also seen using various new weapons and new special abilities such as being able to revert time for particular objects. These new weapons and abilities will likely constitute entertaining and attention grabbing puzzles and challenges. 

Fortunately, it is only a few more months until fans will be able to play this long-awaited sequel. After 6 years, Breath of the Wild’s story continues!