Hillcrest High School Presents Charlotte’s Web

Alora Koutnik, Editor

Two weeks ago, the Hillcrest Drama Program performed the play adaptation of  E.B White’s Charlotte’s Web, which proved to be a success! The cast did a fantastic job of carrying out the well known story and characters of Charlotte’s Web and put a lot of time and effort into every detail. They analyzed the story and characters deeply, and with costuming and set design, a unique version of the play emerged. There was so much to the set design, many people overlooked minor details, such as a scene with the web ceasing to move up and down after the passing of Charlotte.    

The Drama Program does an amazing job of analyzing the characters in order to perform with as much of their character shining through. This allows for the audience to be taken to the world portrayed on stage and makes for a magical night. The costumes add to this, making it even more magical. One of my favorite things about the costumes was the fact that although most of the characters were animals, their costumes took certain characteristics of the animals, for example, colors, styles, etc. to create more humanized animal characters. It really exemplified the talents within the students, as most of the costumes were designed by students. Everything about the costumes were immaculate and many small things were taken into consideration, like accessories. This attention to detail makes for an even better show. 

The talents within the performers were greatly displayed with their seemingly flawless delivery of lines, acting to portray characters, and relations to each other on stage. Aside from the performers, everyone backstage should be recognized; there are many students a part of the Tech Theater Program who worked the lights, sound, and managed the stage. These students take many hours to create an engaging stage for the actors to perform on. All of the set pieces and light sequences were designed and run by students, which is quite impressive. Overall, the play was done wonderfully and everyone should look forward to next trimesters musical, Big Fish, which will include an even bigger cast and lots of fun light sequences and set pieces to make for an enjoyable show.