“Raya and the Last Dragon” Review

Kennedy Cress


Raya and the last dragon is a movie for all ages. It has adventure and friendships. If you don’t know what the movie is about then let me tell you. Raya the chief of Heart’s daughter goes on an adventure to restore what she lost. Before all of this happened the chief of Heart invited all of the other tribes to come together and be one again. The backstory to this is that everyone was united and lived among dragons then an evil called the drune came. The drune turned people to stone and multiplied until it covered the entire land. All of the dragons but one were turned to stone. Sisu, the last dragon, gave up all of her magic to blast the drune away. After Sisu vanished, every tribe split and wanted the dragon jem, the last of Sisu’s magic, for themselves. Heart had the jem and protected it from the other tribes. Raya being young thought she made a friend with the daughter of the Fang leader, but was deceived. Everyone found out where the jem was and fought over it, causing it to break. This brought the drune back and everyone took a piece of the jem to keep the drune away. Raya was the only one from Heart to escape while many people from the other tribes got out. Six years later you find Raya looking for Sisu, who is said to have fallen into the river and is lying at the end. Raya looked everywhere and had no luck, her only hope to find Sisu was at the last river.


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Q: Today I’m messaging you because I’m not sure how to get this cute guy in my class to notice me, what should I do Morgan?


A: Dear reader, I recommend for you and those who may be in the same predicament as you to make subtle eye contact, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and even though it’s cheesy, it’s true! Be subtle, don’t do anything too extreme, just like 2-3 seconds of eye contact and a small grin, and poof, you’re on his radar! Don’t expect him to do all the work, approach him and make small talk. That is the way to attract a mate. 


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