Black Clover Review

Ewan Abdo


“Black Clover” was an amazing anime. Many of its features inside it were inspired by other animes and the way they made “Black Clover” was brilliant. It starts with how patients are looked down upon and people without powers are also looked down upon even more. This is a way to show that even in the real world, people who are different from most people are judged in some way. Whether it’s in a good way or a bad way. For example, most people in “Black Clover” are middle class not too poor but not too rich, or from a royal family, the people from royal family are judged in a positive way because of their strong power and just because they are royalty but someone from the peasant areas are judged in a bad way because of lack of money food clothes. And their weak power. So here comes the main character with no magic but his rival is a natural genius at it. But the main character never stopped and soon got the power called anti-magic.

So throughout the times, they became magic knights, and both trying to be the strongest of all. The most amazing thing about it is that how the main character is able to change people’s hearts on how they view presents and that with enough hard work any dream can come true. His main quote is ¨Not giving up is my magic!¨ saying how he won’t give up and that is his power that drives him to be stronger than his friends and girl character fanbase.