Decline of the Native Cutthroat

The Yellowstone cutthroat trout had been on a decline for lots of years. The invasive species rainbow trout, and the cut bow hybrid trout are taking over. This is due to the government placing them into the south fork in the early 80s. This caused the Yellowstone Cutthroat population to decrease because rainbow trout are aggressive. They eat their own kind and the young cutthroat. They also breed with the cutthroat and cause their species to become extinct. 

The way the government is dealing with this is to have rewards for the rainbows and the hybrid trout. The way they do this is by electro-shocking the fish and placing chips in their nose.

  1. Some people are able to make 2500 dollars a month from catching these fish.
  2. The difference between Yellowstone cutthroat, Hybrid(cut bow), and Rainbow trout
  3. These are cutthroat they have a very distinct cut on their throat.
  4. These are cut bows(Hybrid) they have a slight cut on their through and look like a rainbow.
  5. These are rainbow trout they have no cut and look like a rainbow.