Save the Memes!

Morgan Jones

In the pastimes of the year 2020, the meme economy peaked, but sadly a massive decline has started to threaten our depression medicine. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a worldwide quarantine took place, so to avoid insanity, people made memes. It was a glorious time, full of meme prosperity and Karen jokes, but sadly, as society started to rise from the 6-month quarantine, memes took less of a priority in people’s hearts. People started to socialize, not spending as much time inside scrolling through social media, but this also gives a chance for good meme content to decline. 

The Meme economy has gone through many phases, from Vine, to Musically, Tik Tok, that weird Pikachu face thing, pixelated sunglasses, among us, and more. Memes are a vital part of what keeps society together. In most high schools or colleges, any average Joe can understand and relate to a Vine reference, which is also a more convenient way to make friends. With the lack of new memes, people are becoming less social because they have less in common and less to talk about. 

In the new year 2021, hardly any memes have been named. In vast contrast to 2020, the year 2021 hasn’t had any major screw-ups (yet), which in turn means there is less content for the ‘Gen Z’ to mock. No chaos means no memes, so what does the generation do now? As much as people like peace, it needs to be shaken up sometimes, for the sake of the new generations. This is no joke, Meme’s are dying!