An Ultimate Review for an Epic Show

Haileigh Benson, Editor-in-Chief

Warning this article may contain information that might spoil the show for you. Everyone has seen the famous Karate Kid films, if you haven’t then get out of the rock you’re living under and watch them! A new tv series that came out in 2018 called Cobra Kai is based on the Karate Kid movie. It has various opinions on how good the directors showed the grown up versions of the characters from the original movies. Cobra Kai now has 3 seasons out on Netflix. Everytime I get the notification that a new season is out, I get prepared to binge watch! The directors of the show do a good job of conveying each side of the character’s story. They show the past of each character even the ones that weren’t portrayed on the Karate Kid series. 

This show has a nostalgic factor. Although Cobra Kai is a pretty successful show and has some good moments, it can also be corny. The fights that the karate dojos get into aren’t realistic at all but it is fiction so that’s understandable. It’s not all about fighting though, the directors added some humor. 

The newest season had some negative reviews, some say that it was like a soap opera and it was written poorly. In my opinion, I really enjoyed season 3 because at the end it showed the two competing dojos coming together. This show does have some inappropriate humor but I think it can have a positive impact on young viewers due to the lessons that are taught from some scenarios in the show. 

I highly recommend to watch this series even though it can be corny and unrealistic at times, it’s still an all around amazing show. This show can be found on Netflix and Youtube!