ChatGPT; The Most Powerful AI of 2023


ChatGPT Lead Original

Sydni Green, Staff Writer

Artificial intelligence has become increasingly popular since the initial creation of it in 1951. It has evolved greatly and has become more useful in the everyday lives of humanity. One of the most popular AI of this year is ChatGPT. This AI was developed to be skilled in understanding  complex subjects and how to answer specific questions, which has enabled it to  be able to simplify the answers it gives while also providing thought out, humanlike answers. As a result of ChatGPT and other AI having the abilities they possess, the well known grading website, TurnItIn, has recently developed a software that is able to detect when AI is being used to avoid any plagiarism and cheating

While having a conversation with ChatGPT about the issues of plagiarism in schools, the AI software stated “The use of AI language models in a school setting is not inherently cheating, but students must use these tools responsibly and ethically. This includes properly attributing the use of the tool and producing original work. As long as students follow these guidelines, the use of AI language models can be a valuable tool in the writing process.” The software is aware of its capabilities to be a great tool but also has the ability to be abused in a school setting and can lack originality.