Two Texas Cheerleaders Killed In a Car Park After One Gets In The Wrong Car


Photo Courtesy: Hot 107.9

Two Texas Cheerleaders Killed After Trying to Get into Wrong Car

Tyler Smith, Staff Writer

Athlet Payton Washington, 18, is seriously injured and is in hospital in critical condition. The other victim was treated at the scene. Multiple gunshots were fired around 00:15 local time and 5:15 GMT on Tuesday. There was a GoFundMe for Payton’s medical expenses titled, “shot twice and badly injured.” The suspect was arrested and his license plate was tracked. The shooting was witnessed by a convenience store manager. 

This has been the latest  shooting in a string of shootings that week involving younger people walking up to the wrong person or house. The suspect is being accused of deadly conduct with a firearm which is a third degree felony, punishable by 2 to 10 years prison time or a fine of $10,000. His bond was placed at $500,000. Heather Roth and Payton were carpooling from a cheer gym in Houston. The suspect’s name was Pedro Tello Rodrijuez Jr.