The Quinceanera Shooting


Photo Courtesy: KCAL News

Quinceanera Shooting In Orange County, CA

Sydni Green, Staff Writer

Late last month on April 22, two people were rushed to the hospital after being shot at a quinceanera. It was later discovered that the two victims who were hospitalized were both 17 year old males who were attending the party. One was in a stable condition and the other was in critical condition. Soon after the shooting, Luis Angel Martinezmondragon was arrested as the suspected shooter; the gun has yet to be recovered. Martinezmondragon was previously charged in December of 2021 for holding a deadly weapon, this including a leaded cane as well as a concealed gun. He was also charged with possession of a switch blade and selling nitrous oxide, which is a gas that leads to a state of euphoria when ingested. This is also known to be called laughing gas. He was arrested on March 23 and posted bail 6 days later at $1 million. As of current times, the names and current conditions of the victims are still unknown.