One of a Kind

homemade costumes


                 This Halloween why don’t you try something different than everyone else… something homemade. There are several things that you can do and it could be simple. You could use your least favorite shirt and turn it into something extraordinary. Find things around your house to use or find things at the dollar store. Homemade costumes can be stylish and cheap… if you know what you’re doing. I took a buttoned up shirt with a skirt that I already had and only got makeup from the dollar store, it was a cheap and cool costume. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good for Halloween you can look good but be cheap. It also may come in handy when you’re a broke college student. You can look cute, scary, or even silly whatever you desire, it’s your year to go crazy for Halloween. Get your friends to do it too. You could group up and make similar costumes together and make them unique to you. This year is your time to shine and show what you are capable of. I won’t judge if you buy your costume but you’ll miss out on the fun of having a one of a kind costume at friends Halloween party. There may be someone there that has the same costume but if you want to change that then you could alter the costume to be unique.