This Idaho Falls Summer is Going to Be One to Remember

Amber Sargent, Staff Writer

Do you ever find yourself bored? If you’re alive then your answer is probably yes. I have come up with a list of fun summer activities and activities in general that will keep you busy this summer, and hopefully keep you from using “bored” so much in your vocabulary. With the help of fellow peers and my own experiences, the ideas I have come up with involve indoor and outdoor activities.

Let’s start indoors. For a relaxing day, reading is a great idea, which can be outdoor or indoor, and with our indecisive weather, it can always be an option. The IF library does a great summer program as well.  Next is going to the gym. This is a great idea to make you feel better physically and help your mental health. Lastly, are different indoor centers. There is bowling, trampoline parks, movie theaters, climbing gyms, ax throwing, etc.

Now let’s get into the outdoor adventures you can do near and in Idaho Falls. First are the ones you can do close and in IF. Boating is an extremely popular one, even if you don’t have your own boat, I’m sure you can find someone that can take you, or even just find a spot on the beach at the lake and get a tan and go for a swim. Next are backyard games. Whether you do it in the sun or do night games this is always a fun option for a big group of friends or family. Next is going to parks, even if you’re not a little kid anymore going to a park to ride your bike, play frisbee golf, or even go for a walk can be a good way to spend free time.

Lastly are activities you can do that involve a couple of hours of driving but are totally worth it at least once this summer. First is Lagoon, which is the closest amusement park to us, so if you enjoy roller coasters definitely give it a try. Next is Bear Lake. Bear Lake is only about two hours away and it is so beautiful. I hope this list gives you some ideas about how to spend your summer vacation and that it’ll be one to remember.