The Truth Behind Teen Axniety


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Myra Frahs, Staff Writer

Did you know that you may have worse anxiety than Psychiatric Patients? Well, it’s entirely true! Many people are losing trust in people which makes many teenagers less social and more lonely. With having a smaller social life, more stress is put on teenagers that weren’t there in people before. Studies have shown that psychiatric patients in the 1950s have less stress than teenagers now. People are also developing worse anxiety from threats that are being put on them, for example, COVID, world war 3, and even elections. There are many things now that weren’t there before that are making teenagers have more and more stress put on them. Even in the 1980s, students showed higher stress levels than psychiatric patients in the 1950s and people then still didn’t have as high of stress levels as teenagers now!

As people’s anxiety increases, so does their depression, so teenagers’ depression is also worse. But, as some of the worries are being dealt with, peoples’ anxiety is decreasing and soon we may be able to stop or reverse increases in anxiety. But, until people are able to feel safe and be social, stress levels are likely to stay high and continue to increase. Even the job market is continuing to put stress on teenagers. Many teenagers can’t afford college, driver’s ed, or a car, and many teenagers cannot find jobs, especially between the ages of 14-15, even though they’re in high school. Many people worry about how they will pay for those things without a job because their parents can’t afford to pay for them. When people finally do get a job, the pay isn’t usually very good. Well, we’ll just have to hope it gets better.