Threatening Message Found at Ririe High School

Ali Maddux, Staff Writer

In November, a threatening message was found on a desk at Ririe High School. The message read “School shooting March 8, 2023,” and was found by a Ririe highschool student, says Jeff Gee, a superintendent at Ririe highschool. This threatening message had parents, teachers, even the students going ballistic and concerned for their safety. “If students or other people think this is a good idea or funny, it’s not. It causes a lot of stress and worry for parents and other students. It’s no laughing matter, and if someone knows who wrote that [message] … they should report it [immediately],” says Lovell. This quote shows how much it matters to the people in Ririe that this is a no laughing matter and should be dealt with. We still do not know who, when, or why this message was left according to Gee. According to East Idaho, there were police inside and out Ririe highschool for the safety and protection of all. “Student safety is our top priority. The Ririe School District takes all threats seriously,” Gee wrote on Facebook. “We will continue to work with law enforcement and follow their guidance to ensure the safety of Ririe School District students and staff.” There was no shooting on that specific date that was listed on the desk and no students were harmed whatsoever. The well being of the students is a priority for the schools in Ririe and want to keep their students safe and protected from anything or anyone that could bring potential harm. “We feel confident that Bonneville County is doing everything they can do to make sure the kids and the staff out here are safe,” says Gee. Ririe is grateful for the protection that law enforcement has given and will continue to give whilst finding out who is responsible for this message and when it was written.