The Expanding World of VR


Photo Courtesy: Gadget Flow

Meta Quest Pro VR Headset

Robert Smith, Staff Writer

The Virtual Reality, or VR, world is moving fast, faster than anyone would have thought. With new headsets being lighter, faster and more versatile, who knows how far it will go. Meta recently changed from Oculus which is a big company with some major improvements in the VR and AR (Standing for Augmented Reality; this is a mix of Virtual things being viewed in the real world with glasses or headsets). First off, their new headset- the Meta Quest Pro- is made for working and doing more in the virtual world while wearing it. The Meta Quest 2 is a top of the line cheaper headset that can play many fun games and can be hooked up to a computer  for even more fun. There are many unique ways that VR can help the world out, but there are also a lot of ways the VR world can help with jobs and meeting new people; the possibilities are endless with this. Most headsets have controllers that are tracked and processed with buttons but now there are gloves that can make you feel things you are touching and suits that can give different sensations.. There are companies that train employees for dangerous jobs through scenarios in VR to help them become more prepared in real life. Overall, the VR world is improving faster than anyone thought and many new and exciting things are coming from it, even full time jobs. The world keeps focusing on this and keeps moving forward so who knows what will happen in the future.