Spud Kings Ice Rink Now Open

Robert Smith, Staff Writer

The Spud Kings, the newest local hockey team, just had their grand opening. This started off not so good as they lost their first home game 6-1 in the new rink but the fans loved it. I messaged and asked people that went to the game and no one said anything even remotely negative about the energy or feeling of the stadium and the fans. This ice rink also helps out with the local hockey teams as they are now getting more ice time and practices because of the opening.

Many of you have probably never heard of the Spud Kings and from reading the title you probably wouldn’t even know what sport it is for. The Spud Kings are a tier 3 USPHL team in the mountain division. The USPHL stands for the United States Premier Hockey League and is a division for elite prospects that are still learning and growing from the ages of 16-21. Tickets are hard to get right now and the seats are selling out fast. This team is still growing and gaining fresh talent fast with a whole new lineup of defensive players already being added. This season will be turned around and the Spud Kings will start winning more and more as the team gets settled and better established. This stadium isn’t only for the Spud Kings as weekends that they aren’t playing there will be packed with fun and excitement with tourist attractions like comedians and concerts. Overall this stadium brings a new and exciting thing to Idaho falls that will help liven up and give people something to look forward to. Hope to see you at the games Go Spud kings!