Does Apple Music Replay Equate to Spotify Wrapped?

Berklee Olsen, Staff Writer

Apple Music and Spotify compete in almost every aspect of their services. Both platforms give their listeners an end-of-the-year recap of the music they listened to throughout the year. Is Spotify Wrapped really better than the newly updated Apple Music Replay?

Spotify Wrapped has provided listeners with a vibrant, interactive, and fun way to see their music since 2016. Spotify encourages people to analyze their music and share their results with the world. It connects people with their favorite artists and celebrates dedicated listeners. Listeners are even sorted into entertaining categories with people with similar tastes as them. Wrapped gives you a complete list of your top artists, top podcasts, hours of listening, amount of different artists, top songs, and top albums. 

With all of these amazing features, can Apple Music Replay even compete? Replay was updated in 2019, giving it many more features similar to Spotify Wrapped. Apple Music Replay now gives listeners a complete playlist with their top 100 songs of the year. It also gives its users their top artists, most played albums, minutes of time spent listening to music, and numbers of different artists and songs. 

Both of these platforms are not without their flaws. Spotify users have complained about website crashes and freezing of pages. Apple Music Replay can only be accessed through a web browser and has fewer features than Spotify. The key difference between the two platforms is that Apple Music Replay is made accessible all year round. 

In my opinion, I think Spotify Wrapped defeats Apple Music Replay because of the way it connects artists with their listeners, its preferable features, and the anticipation Spotify Wrapped creates. In the end, everything really comes down to personal preference and which music service works best for you. Listening to music should not be dependent on certain companies and should just be enjoyable.