Hillcrest Gets Redemption in Civil War Game

Easton Larsen, Staff Writer

Last year was a heart breaker for the Hillcrest Knights. An 11 year streak was snapped and pride was hurt. The Knights football team would not let that happen again. The game was close from the very beginning, tied at 7 after the first half. Connor Payne was explosive, bringing a punt back to the end zone to start the scoring for Hillcrest, just some of his 134 yards on the night. Bonneville put the ball in the endzone in the third to hush the faithful Hillcrest fans and students. Unable to respond within the quarter, it was down to the final quarter. 

A long drive by the Knights ended in a 1 yd rushing touchdown by senior Braden Crystal, putting them in position to tie the game on the PAT. Kicker Thomas Endsley trotted on the field to kick the crucial point. To the dismay of Knights fans, his kick was missed, hitting the crossbar with a resounding cheer from the Bonneville student section. The ball was given to the Bees, and Hillcrest had only two timeouts remaining. They were forced to burn each of those timeouts almost immediately. 

Defense proved to be crucial, as the Knights forced a turnover on downs with 1:04 left to play. Deep into their own territory, the goal was to get Endsley inside the 25 yard line for the game winning kick and a shot for redemption. It took the Knights four plays to march down to the Bonneville 15. With 11 seconds remaining on the clock, Thomas Endsley smoked the pigskin through the uprights to secure a 14-16 Hillcrest win. As the clock expired and the Bees left the field, Knights students went bonkers. The field was flooded with red, and redemption for the Hillcrest Knights.