Bayonetta Voice Actor Replaced??

Side by Side of Jennifer Hale and Hellena Taylor

Photo Courtesy: Niche Gamers

Side by Side of Jennifer Hale and Hellena Taylor

Skylar Galbraith, Staff Writer

Bayonetta 3, scheduled to release on October 28, 2022, has gone through a recent substantial change in development. Hellena Taylor, the beloved voice actor of Bayonetta from the first two games, will no longer be voicing the main character, Bayonneta, in the third game. Replacing Hellena Taylor will be Jennifer Hale, a well-known and respected voice actor known for her numerous appearances in both video games and movies. This replacement has long-term fans of the game highly upset, and quite understandably so. 

The reason that Hellena Taylor refused to play the part of Bayonetta in the third game is because the developers and publishers of the game allegedly offered her only four thousand dollars to play the part. Hellena Taylor posted a three-part video in which she explained the insulting offer and asked fans of the franchise to boycott the game. Shortly after these videos went viral, various popular gaming channels made videos regarding the controversy. After gaining attention from claiming to have been offered a measly four thousand dollars for voicing Bayonetta, information containing the true value of the offer was leaked to the public. In reality, Hellena Taylor had been offered ten thousand dollars to play the part of Bayonetta in the third game. 

Hellena Taylor responded to this information leak with another tweet mentioning that she felt that even ten thousand dollars was not enough to adequately match her talent and hard work. Regardless of whether ten thousand dollars is a fair price to pay to play the role of Bayonetta, Hellena Taylor did initially lie about the value of the offer, which leaves fans of the franchise confused about whether or not they should be supporting her by boycotting the game. Only time will tell what will happen to the franchise when the game releases this week.