Man Drowns in Snake River


Photo Courtesy: Group Tour Magazine

Photo of the Snake River

Levi Ross, Staff Writer

A 25 year old man named Demarcus recently tried to swim to the island that is located in the middle of the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Bonneville County officials said that Demarcus went out at night on Thursday the 4th of July at 8:30pm with two other buddies on Friday; but Demarcus did not make it back to shore. Apparently, the current was just too strong for Demarcus. He was not the most experienced swimmer and his friends couldn’t help because they could barely swim for themselves. Dive crews searched the area near the island for more than an hour which delayed the start of the city’s fireworks display until 11pm. With no success finding Demarcus, the town was very upset and very sad. His body was found washed up on shore on Sunday morning. Bonneville County officials said that he and his friends were drunk and weren’t fully there which made things a lot worse for Demarcus. Since this happened on the Fourth of July, Idaho falls decided that it wasn’t safe to have the firework show at the Snake River. So, they changed places and now, it is located at Snake River Landing, where it is safe, has more spots to sit, and overall a better and safer place.