Local D&D Brand is a Critical Hit


Photo Courtesy: Rulon Leman

Official Mad Gnome Gaming Logo

Alora Koutnik, Editor


Dungeons & Dragons; the ultimate roleplaying game that creative nerds love. Created in the 70’s, blowing up in the 80’s, and now one of the most popular RPG board games, D&D has found its way into many young people’s lives. Even so, many people, of all ages, have created campaigns where they invite their buddies to play in a world fully created by the Dungeon Master, or a world inspired by legendary works of fantasy such as Lord of the Rings, The Dark Elf Trilogy, or even Star Wars. The possibilities are endless when it comes to world and character creations in this masterpiece of a game. 

Rulon Leman, a resident of Idaho Falls, has begun his Dungeons and Dragons brand called Mad Gnome Gaming after only playing D&D for three years! He has created a “multi-campaign setting called ‘The Tales of Audin’, which takes place in the continent of Auduin, on a world called Olara.” The project stemmed from the completion of prior campaigns that Rulon was running which all had similar stories, “so I decided it would be more interesting to have a larger campaign setting where multiple groups could play within the same setting [and] timeline, but entirely unique [story] adventures.” 

Rulon’s goals for Mad Gnome Gaming include a campaign that will be recorded/live streamed as well as eventually publishing “small mini-adventure compilations, to allow people to get an initial taste of what the game setting will be like.” With the publication of these mini-adventures, Rulon hopes to be able to hire “amazing artists to bring my setting to life!” Not only is his brand available to everyone on the internet with his TikTok, Rulon has collaborated with the Egyptian Coffee House in downtown Idaho Falls where “the goal is to have a fun and relaxing environment for the local community to come try D&D for their first time in a welcoming environment, or for seasoned players to play with like-minded individuals and build lasting friendships and fun memories.” 

If you are interested in participating in the D&D nights, be sure to check the Egyptian Coffee House Facebook page and catch Mad Gnome Gaming on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to be informed about the happenings of D&D one shots and other events.