Queen Elizabeth II Passes Away

Abby Sheehy, Staff Writer

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th, 2022. She passed away peacefully in her Scottish Highland residence, Balmoral. This is something that affected the whole world. The next royal heir to the throne is Prince Charles, soon to be King Charles. The Queen’s son Charles has already put the 12 days of mourning in motion. Traditionally, whenever a King or Queen dies, she or he has a 12 day mourning period dedicated solely to them. This time, Prince Carles has decided to extend the mourning period to 7 days after her funeral. Usually with the 12 day mourning period, they start the day after the queen dies, and then it’s 12 days until the funeral. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was be held on Monday September 19th, 2022, which has been declared a bank holiday. The new King will deliver a televised broadcast to the world making a speech on behalf of the Queen. The Queen’s death is known as D-Day. Every day following her death will be D+0, D+1, D+2, D+3, and so forth. During these days, gun salutes and bell ringing will sound throughout the country, meant to be heard as a reminder of the queen. In concussion, the Queen’s death will affect the entire United Kingdom. Whether it’s day to day things or taking a bank holiday for the funeral, which will be held on September 19th, 2022.