“Stranger Things” and “Running Up That Hill”

Hope Hanes, Staff Writer

July 15, 2016 the first season of Stranger Things came out on Netflix. The show Stranger Things became a fan favorite all around the country. This once new tv show became all the rave and everyone was letting their friends know about the show that talked of things like “the upsidedown ” and “the monsters that mocked the world above them.”  There was talk of another season coming out because of how many people seemed to be interested in it. A whole year later the second season came out on October 27,2017. It became an even bigger deal and it seemed to be the only thing people were talking about in the media. In total right now there are four seasons all together, the people couldn’t get enough of the show and are still curious to see if any more come out. 

 In the last season they intentionally bring in more technology and more music, making the show extremely relatable to teens who lean on music and use it as a lifeline to continue to stay in reality. Most people don’t know that the song played at the end of season four “ Running up that Hill ” was originally released on August 5th 1985 and written and sung by Kate Bush. The song was very popular when it first came out and made a comeback as they used it in the show. The lyrics talk about making a deal with God and swapping places. The song fits in with the scene as one of the characters is getting sucked into the underworld; her friends are hoping they can bring her back to their reality.