Summer of 2022; Abundance of Music


Photo by the Idaho Falls Arts Council

Caffrey performing at the Sigma Science River Concert kickoff.

Alora Koutnik, Staff Writer

During the months of June, July, August, and September, Idaho Falls hosted many concerts in the parks around town. Downtown hosted a program called Alive After 5 at the Civitan where their primary focus was to raise funds for local playgrounds, education scholarships, people with disabilities, and more. People were able to hang out and enjoy local bands and musicians ranging from rock to jazz while supporting the fundraiser by purchasing food and drinks. The Alive After 5 events were a blast to attend and was the longest lasting concert series, ending in September rather than August. 

Another concert series that occurred downtown was the Sigma Science River Concert Series. Each band that performed had a sponsor, however these events didn’t have things to buy. Occasionally, the bands would bring their own merchandise for people to purchase. The River Concert series were also a lot of fun to attend; my favorite band being the Opskamatrists, who also played at another concert series, the Live United. Live United, located at The Waterfront at Snake River Landing, was a larger scale concert series where their main goal was, similarly, fundraisers and donations. Each week would be a different drive; food drive, school supplies drive, etc. Food trucks and alcohol were also available at the concerts.

The stage was much bigger, and a few of the bands who played the other concert series were also able to  play Live United. Along with food, drinks, and great music, Live United hosted raffles where they gave away a very nice BBQ! According to a local concert goer, “The United Way venue was the best. Great sound, good performers, food and drinks. The fund raising aspects of each concert were good causes to go and support.”