“Moon Knight” Full of Mystery and Suspense


Photo from Polygon.com

Photo from Polygon.com

Kennedy Cress, Staff Writer

Warning: This review contains spoilers from the first two episode of “Marvel’s Moon Night”

As we all know Disney+ loves to put out new series, this one being “Marvel’s Moon Knight.” If you are interested in Marvel’s heroes and Egyptian Gods Moon Knight is the series for you. Steven, the main character’s life goes from working at a museum gift shop to waking up in a strange place with blood on his hands. Not knowing if it is a dream or not, he goes to the nearby village. There he finds a man who claims to do the will of an Egyptian Goddess.

Waking up in his bed on what he believes to be the next day, only to find that it is a Sunday not a Friday, is confused by what he witnessed. The first episode ends with the strange man from his “dream” coming to his work and saying that there is chaos within Steven. It is revealed that he is Steven but also a man named Mark.

Each episode leaves you on edge wanting the next episode to come out. It may seem confusing at first but that’s how you get people to keep watching a show. Moon Knight is a series that will capture your attention, mainly Marvel fans, but I think that it is a wonderful, suspenseful series.