The Word on Wordle


Ty Porter, Writer

Early in 2022, a game swept the internet. People were posting green and yellow squares all over Facebook and Twitter. What is this game? This game is called Wordle, a game where you have to guess the correct word. Wordle is a game in which you have 6 guesses to guess a five letter word. The kicker, you can only play once per day. The game helps you with this by giving you clues based upon your previous words. 

The clues are colored squares that appear around the letters of your words. Green means that the letter is in the word, and it is in the right position of the word. Yellow means that the letter is in the word, but not in the right place. Black means that the letter is not in the puzzle. Using the clues, you have to figure out what the word is. In the world there is a hard mode, which is where you have to use the clues that you know in previous guesses. When you finish the game(or don’t) you will have the option to share your score which will share which blocks were colored. Have fun playing Wordle!