The State of Disney Plus: 2021


Kennedy Cress, Writer

As many teens know Disney released in November 2019, but the Disney movies on it are endless. The Marvel movie Black Widow is coming to theaters but you can get premier access for a fee or you can wait until October 6th for it without a fee. There are many classics on it and many family favorites. Disney doesn’t let us down with their series. The Marvel series non the less, Wanda Vision and Loki are very popular. Disney was smart to release one episode a week which kept the public going wild waiting for the next episode. There are many who say that Netflix should do the same as Disney + because there would be more buzz about the shows being released. As we know Disney + has classics they also have the live actions on there as well. Many of the remakes are great but some say otherwise.  For the parents with small children they most likely don’t want to expose their children to PG-13 shows so Disney being considerate has parental controls on so they can place passwords on older children’s’ accounts and leave the passwords open with the kid mode. This mode limits the child to watching G and PG shows only.