Kassandra Rivera

Aries: Take time for yourself and don’t let others drag you down with them. 


Taurus: It’s nearing the end of the school year so make sure you’re all up to date 

Gemini: You will get good grades, especially in English. 

Cancer: Get ready for summer, kings and queens…you’re going to be glowing!

Leo: Keep that confidence up, besties, you’re killin’ the game. 

Virgo : You’re going to have a lot of work on your hands, so get to it.

Libra: Stop over thinking! Everyone is in their own lane. Everyone one is just thinking about themselves. Just keep giving it your all! 

Scorpio: Be more open minded to things and new events

Sagittarius: Breathe and let things happen naturally. Stand your ground. This will soon come together. 

Capricorn: You’ll get a compliment from an unexpected source. 

Aquarius: Things will start changing and going your way. 

Pisces: You’ll definitely have the best month out of this year so, keep pushing. Your time will come.