When will the Masks Come Off

Soonie Englis, Editor

It’s no secret that we all would rather not be in our current situation. Wearing masks, social distancing, calculating whether or not we can have audiences at events. It’s safe to say that we are all pretty tired of all of this. Luckily, the solution seems to be near.

 A vaccine has been developed and the first stages of its distribution are now in effect. Medical workers and some other essential professions such as teachers have now had the opportunity to receive the vaccine and most of them have taken that opportunity. 

The vaccine is also available to anyone over the age of 65 if they go into the hospital and ask for it. This is also true for first responders and other essential workers. In a couple of months, in March or early April, the vaccine will be available to people from ages 16 to 64 that have medical conditions making the virus more of a threat to them than the average Joe. 

If everything goes smoothly, the vaccine should be available to the general public in May. Of course not everyone is excited to get the vaccine. Some feel there is reason to distrust it due to the rapid pace in which it was developed. However the CDC and the WHO have both approved the vaccine and have given more insight as to how it was made so quickly. 

While this may not convince everyone, as long as about 80% of the population receives the vaccine, herd immunity will most likely take over and things can start to progress back to a semblance of what they were before.