Brenlee Welch



Aries- you may find yourself getting along better with others, aries. Try making new friends, this month!


Taurus- your consideration will come in handy, taurus. If a tough situation comes up, try to take some time to think about it.


Gemini- This month may inspire you, gemini. If you feel the impulse to do something great, try it! It may come as a surprise that you will have fun.


Cancer- responsibility will be your friend this month, cancer. If you have a moment try to sit down and sort out your future goals, or come up with some weekly goals!


 Leo- It is a good time to focus on your relationships, leo. If you need closure, or even a hug, don’t be afraid to ask. 


Virgo- it is a busy time of the year for you, virgo. Don’t give up on hard things, maybe even try something new. You may love it.


Libra-  Creativity will be your thing this month, libra. You may also find yourself in love, whether it be with a new hobby, or a person.


Scorpio- don’t be afraid to break the rules a little, scorpio. You may find yourself having a great time.


Sagittarius- change might come your way, sagittarius. Do not be afraid! It may be good.


Capricorn-  Your big decisions may lead you somewhere great, Capricorn. But don’t be afraid to take a little break every once in a while!


Aquarius- don’t take no crap from anyone this month, aquarius. It is your time to shine in a way you want to!


Pisces-  it’s ok to let go sometimes, pisces. You may find that all you need is a hot bath and a good movie.