Popcorn Just Ain’t the Same

Haileigh Benson, Editor-in-Chief

As you all must know, most movie theaters have closed down due to the famous Covid -19. There are a variety of opinions on the re openings of movie theaters. Some think that it’s too unsafe or irrelevant to open movie theaters right now. Others believe that they should definitely start reopening more theaters. 

Going to the movie theaters is a reason to leave your bed, eat some popcorn, and enjoy a good movie. Movie theaters should reopen! Going to the theaters isn’t just about wanting to see a movie, it’s the vibes it gives off like smelling buttery popcorn, trying to sneak some snacks in your bags, and being able to watch a movie on a big screen with loud speakers. It’s a good date idea or something to do with some friends. 

There is a way for theaters to reopen safely. In my opinion if malls and restaurants can reopen then so should theaters! Here’s how they can reopen safely, require masks, decrease the capacity, and sanitise consistently. Movie theaters that are open gives an option to customers to rent out a movie room in the theater, which is another option for a plan to reopen. 

 People are desperate to get back to “normal” again and it just seems irrelevant to have it closed down. By all the closures of theaters, people lost jobs and how can a business survive by being closed for so long? 

Some people might point out that there is drive in movies to go to, which can be fun to go to but I don’t know about you but usually you can barely hear the movie, it’s difficult to find a comfortable spot in the car, and it’s hard to see the screen. 

Let’s get the move on and slowly start opening more movie theaters!