Horoscopes for January!

Brenlee Welch, writer

 Aries- this is a great month to start focusing on your responsibilities as it will prove rewarding, and stable, Aries. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for a class or workshop, you should do it.


Taurus-Prepare for a surge of energy and momentum, Taurus. You may have more fuel to tackle all of your heartfelt goals and plans. Luck may be on your side, this month.


Gemini- January will be a bit slower for you for a few different reasons, Gemini. Try to relax and balance your stress. It may be worth it!


Cancer- This month is going to hold a lot of great opportunities for you, Cancer. This opens a doorway for you to improve your significant relationships, as well as yourself


Leo- Allow yourself to become the center of this world, Leo. This month will hold plans that could affect your life positively for a long time.


Virgo- Life will be very busy for you in 2021, Virgo, so get ready! You may harbor new talents, or even find a new friend. Good luck!


Libra- Find the balance in yourself this month, Libra. You may find that sometimes life will be stressful. Have some self care!


Scorpio- focus on the messages in your heart this month, Scorpio. You may find that the urges can be positive. 


Sagittarius-Get ready for your productivity to launch into hyperdrive in January, Sagittarius. Hustle hard because this will impress higher-ups who are paying attention to your progress!


Capricorn- This month will be great for you, capricorn. Many great opportunities will come your way! Make sure to be careful as many people may try to bring you down.


Aquarius- You may be incredibly busy this month, Aquarius! Try to take some time to rest every once in a while so you don’t get overloaded.


Pisces- lots of fun may come to you this month, Pisces! Try making new friends and create connections! You may find yourself in a great spot.