Top 10 Snowboarding resorts in the U.S


Hadley Drake, Writer

Best Top 10 Ski resorts in 2020

Hadley Drake 


         Skiing and snowboarding are a very popular winter activity. Fifty one million people visit ski resorts each year! I looked into what are the best ten ski resorts in the U.S, coming in the number one spot is Breckenridge Ski Resort. Breckenridge is the most popular ski resort, and voted the best ski town in the U.S. The base elevation is 9,600 feet which is much higher than most other ski resorts. Three million people visit Breckenridge each year, with tons of lodging, dinning, and shopping who wouldn’t want to visit!

   In the number two spot is vail, Vail is the biggest ski resort in Colorado, with one of the most expensive walk up lift ticket prices in the country! Along with Breckenridge, Vail has very luxurious ski lodging and experience. Some might find Vail to be way more contrived and corporate compared to Breckenridge. After Vail comes Aspen SnowMass, Alta, and Jackson Hole! All of these ski resorts are very big and have lots of runs to snowboard or ski on. Depending on how experienced you are you might want to do some runs on the bunny hill before going up on the lifts! Be prepared when you go to these resorts because they do not come cheap! An average lift ticket price ranges from 110 dollars up to 200 dollars for one day! So if you want to take a nice cold vacation go snowboarding at one of these top ski resorts in the U.S.!