“Julie and the Phantoms” is Another Musical Masterpiece

Hadley Drake, Writer

Hadley Drake

     If you haven’t seen Julie and the Phantoms I would go watch it now. Such an awesome, energetic, and happy tv show for all kinds. A sitcom of over ten years old the producers wanted to make it new and fresh. The main character is Julie (Madison Reyes) and she loves music but lost her passion for it since her mom had just died. Then comes the Phantoms, an old music bad of three that never really got the chance to become a better band. 

   Julie helps the three teenage boys who have been dead for twenty five years. Which now showed up as ghosts in her mom’s old music room, helps get the band back on their feet and better then they were able to be! When Madison Reyes auditioned for Julie and the  Phantoms it was her first audition ever! She had never had any movies before Julie and the Phantoms so it was all new for her. She happened to get the part, which she then made her TV debut on September 10th,2020. 

  The tv show now just a couple days old is already on Netflix’s top ten to watch. Kenneth John Ortega who is the producer has done some amazing work. He has produced films such as the “Newsies,”  “Hocus Pocus,” the “High School Musical” trilogy, and the “Descendants” trilogy. He has been directing and choreographing for several years and he also guest judged for several episodes of “Dancing with the Stars.” 

  In conclusion go watch Julie and the phantoms! I guarantee you will love it, and who doesn’t like to have a Netflix and chill day at home? It is such a fun and exciting series and when we are all stuck not being able to do a whole lot because of the corona virus, So it is the perfect time!