The Zodiac Killer Cold Case

Hadley Drake, Writer


Cold case: The zodiac killer

Hadley Drake 

    It has almost been 5 decades since we have known about the zodiac killer. He was a serial killer about five foot eight and ranging from the age of 35-45.The Zodiac killer got his name from sending a series of letters and cards to the San Francisco bay press. In one of his letters he actually said “This is the Zodiac speaking” and that quickly became his nickname.

  Each one of his letters was sealed with a symbol which was a circle with a cross through the center of it and this is known as the zodiac symbol. To go along with his symbol he had a 3 part cipher that he claimed contained his identity. He also wanted everybody to wear a sweatshirt with his symbol on it. When he made his killings he actually wanted the police to know it was him, so after every murder he called the police department and told them that it was him.

   He murdered five people in the same year and has had two attempted murders. The zodiac killer has been a cold case for nearly 50 years now. Since he was assumed to be in his 40’s during 1968 people assume he is no longer alive since it is now 2020. There is a claim made by Gary L. Stewart that his dad is actually the zodiac killer. He wrote a book called “The most dangerous of them all” which explains everything that he knows and thinks. The police haven’t been able to crack his case because of how smart and suspicious the killer is. The Zodiac killer was never found and the case remains cold.