The Restarting of our Generation’s Education 

Haileigh Benson, Editor-in-Chief

I know this is probably at least the 100th thing you have read about the corona virus, but there was a big debate on how schools should reopen in Idaho and let me tell you there was some drama… What seemed like a normal week of school back in March unexpectedly turned into students having to stay home and do online learning. Some may assume that it was just for a few weeks, but who would’ve thought that it’d be for the rest of the year… 

August comes around and lock down restrictions lifted, the school board left with the decision of what their plan is for reopening schools. The school boards are asking feedback from parents, some praying that scientists can just find a cure for the corona virus. Some parents from district 91 believed that the district should hold off on reopening schools because they think a cure will be found very soon. Other parents believed that the corona virus is a big hoax and that masks are just irrelevant to this pandemic. 

District 91 first had a plan that consisted of only the last names starting with A-K go Monday and Wednesday and letters L-Z go to school Tuesday and Thursday. Teachers and parents strongly disliked this idea and showed up to a meeting and refused to go on with this plan. The board decided that now the “blue phase” is that all students go to school Monday-Thursday and Friday is online based learning. Masks are recommended to students but not required! The last update on schools in this district is that now they added two days of online due to corona cases. 

District 93 is big on the masks, students and faculty must wear a mask covering noses and mouths! Students attend school Tuesday-Friday and Monday is online based learning. Bonneville High School recently had to have a 24 hour shutdown due to corona cases.  Jefferson County recently changed their reopening plans. Originally the plan was that students attend school all 5 days of the week, now students go Monday-Thursday and online school friday’s. Masks are optional. 

Through the grapevine, supposedly most schools do not require wearing masks. Do you believe making masks optional is a good idea or bad? 

Most districts have set phases in which the East Idaho Health department decides what district should be in what phase. 

Want to be in the loop about what your district’s phase is or what school has had reported corona  cases? Ask your school on how to get texts from your district to stay updated! Stay safe and healthy!