Not a Zoomer

Haileigh Benson, Editor-in-Chief

Not a Zoomer 


To be able to wake up, go to school, socialize, learn, all face to face, boy didn’t we all take that for granted! The app that was invented in 2011, “Zoom” became one of the new trends. Hillcrest High School used the app Google Duo to teach classes. Google Duo is a very similar app to Zoom. The Covid circumstances left schools across the nation with no other choice of learning. 

Over the summer, as the lock down restrictions lifted, Covid cases spiked in Idaho. The school boards across Idaho and the nation were faced with the dilemma, do we open schools within class learning, or should we do online learning only, or a combination of both. Hillcrest High School chose to go face to face 4 days a week. Do you think we should’ve gone online or did they make the right decision? 


Studies show that not only do kids learn better in a classroom situation but the social interactions benefit their mental health as well. Children need to be able to socialize and have a reason to get up in the morning. The way kids were most affected by covid-19, was the isolation and depression, not the disease itself.


Most people don’t take into account that there are some children due to neglect in their home, that need school to escape, eat food, and possibly reach out for help/guidance. With school supplying breakfast and lunch, that’s the only meals underprivileged kids may have. Not going to school doesn’t allow kids to escape from their negative atmosphere. 


If one good thing has come from this year it would be how important school really is in a student’s life. As long as students and teachers follow social distancing, WEAR MASKS, and follow sanitize precautions.