Fall Freaking Fashion

Haileigh Benson, Editor-in-Chief

Are you looking at Pinterest boards or other social media platforms to figure out the new fall fashion trends of 2020? Well, you’re in luck, keep reading this article for the latest clothing trends! Due to the pandemic and having less strict restrictions, it is no longer time to stay in pajamas all day. 

The secret weapon to these trends is layering for guys and girls. Turtle necks are the best for either wearing by itself or putting a shirt over it. Another similar trend is wearing a collared shirt and putting a crew neck over it, having the collar pop up over the crew neck makes it look fashionable. Layering is always easy and smart to do because it’s starting to get colder especially around this area. 

Another efficient way to look more trendy is wearing a simple t-shirt or crew neck and wearing crazy pants with them. Some social media influencers are wearing zebra pants, multicolored pants, and newspaper print pants. Some of these pants can be found cheap on Amazon and Shein. For guys, a popular pair of pants are cargos. Wearing cargos gives off the whole skater vibe. 

A major trend right now for all genders is streetwear. Streetwear  consists of baggy clothes like cargo jeans, jogger pants, bootcut jeans, and oversized t-shirts. Another easy way to make your outfit even better is adding some accessories like chains, a little purse/bag, and chained belts. Mostly seen on Tik Tok, are boys getting nails painted to get the rockstar look. A very popular shoe that is seen all over social media are Air Jordans. Air Jordans can be very expensive but a cheaper route would be looking in thrift stores for some or making monthly payments on the shoes.

Hope this helps make your fall wardrobe more fashionable. No need to spend tons of money on clothes to keep up on trends! Finding clothes/accessories mentioned in this article could be as easy as visiting your local Walmart!