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Hadley Drake, Writer

Corona virus vaccine update
Hadley Drake

For almost eight months we have been fighting and dealing with the corona virus. It has caused the world to go into lock-down and self isolation. As you may be wondering: when we will be getting a vaccine for this horrible virus? Well studies have shown that vaccines require years of research and testing. Currently, they are testing forty eight vaccines that are in clinical trials. Hopefully we will be able to get a virus within the next few months.
Currently, the corona virus situation is not getting much better.The U.S has 59,269 new cases per week with 1.14 million deaths. Ninety volunteers, with ages ranging from 18-30 years old will be directly exposed to the corona virus so they can learn more about the human body and how it reacts to the corona virus. All of the volunteers will be exposed to the virus in a good environment. A lot of this testing is being done at the Imperial collage in London at a quarantine facility. The British government has been very generous with funding’s of 44 million dollars.
Summer did not slow the corona virus down at all, but studies have shown the virus is going to get worse in winter because of the cold and everyone will be inside more. There are way more companies that are also testing the virus but the vaccine should be slowly coming out over the next few months. Recently there has been a vaccine proven 90% effective against humans, this vaccine has also been tested on 43,500 people who have not had any issues after having the vaccine. Now with more vaccines, it gives the world more hope and a feeling of safety that one day we won’t have to worry as much about covid 19.