Pandemic Movies for a Pandemic

Pandemic movies you should watch


Kennedy Cress, Design Team

With being in a pandemic here are some movies that you should watch and of course don’t forget that zombie apocalypse goes with it. If you are ever quarantined and have nothing to do you should watch these movies. 

  1. “I am Legend“
  2.  “28 Days Later” 
  3. “Pandemic” 
  4. “World War Z”
  5.  “Cabin in the Woods”
  6.  “Zombie Beach”
  7.  “Life After Beth” 
  8. “Island of the Living Dead” 
  9. “Train to Busan” 
  10. “Patient Zero” 
  11. “Carriers” 
  12. “The Dead Don’t Die”
  13.  “Warm Bodies” 
  14. “The Cured” 
  15. “The Mummy”
  16. “Day of the Dead”

If you watch G – PG-13 then check the ratings. If you have younger siblings or are not a fan of scary movies then you might want to watch something less violent. In that case, watch the Disney channel’s “Zombies” and “Zombies 2.” Musicals seem to interest little kids. Another movie you can watch with younger siblings is “Mummy I’m a Zombie.” There are several movies to watch while in quarantine… let’s hope that you don’t have to deal with that.