Three More on Santa’s Naughty List 

On Monday November 30th, this year just got even worse for the construction workers that were working on a house in the Bridgewater Estates subdivision in Ammon. There was a trailer full of expensive tool equipment outside of the house. Well after the construction workers walked outside they realized that the trailer full of tools had disappeared! Fourtanly the trailer wasn’t found too far away from the house but all the tools were missing. 

 This incident got reported and on December 1st, 2020 the police discovered that many neighbors had cameras and caught two males by the crime scene. The video showed the criminals in a pick up truck that hooked up the trailer to the truck and drove off but then abandoned the trailer and stole over $60,000 in tools. That night they still couldn’t identify the suspects and were spreading the word to see if anyone knew anything. 

After a couple days of looking for more evidence, they finally found the criminals. The public sent in more surveillance and feedback which helped discover Carl Eckenrode Jr., 41, Joseph Herrera, 33, and Lisa Ritchie, 27, who stole the items. The Police found a vehicle that was Ritchies and there were tools in there that matched the description of the stolen items. The police made a traffic stop on the vehicle and by doing that, they found Eckenrode and Herrera in the vehicle with multiple stolen items. Then deputies got a warrant to search a resident in Hallmark Drive and found even more stolen items. After getting all the evidence the suspects were taken into custody. 

These criminals not only like stealing things and hiding from the police, they have a record of their own before this incident. For Eckenrode this was probably a very bad day, during the booking process they found just under two grams of methamphetamine in his possession.

Moral of the story, keep a good eye on your tools or any other expensive items. I would suggest learning from these three criminals, by doing the opposite of their actions because I don’t think jail food is gourmet… 




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Three More on Santa’s Naughty List